It’s been a while since I posted here due to the label being on hiatus. However 2020 has started with some excellent music projects which will be released on the label during 2020. This will include releasing more cassette tapes and more split 7″ vinyl.

With that in mind, I’m interested to hear from you if you play Shoegaze, Dream Pop, Alt Rock, Post Rock, Post Punk, Ambient and IDM.  If guitar effects pedals are integral to your sound, there’s a very high chance that I’ll like your music. It doesn’t have to be music either, spoken word poets, noise, ambient soundscapes. So…

How to get me to listen to your demo

I’ve been receiving more and more emails recently sharing your tracks digitally.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a listening to new music that’s why I set up Fiercely Indie; to promote and share original music to a wider audience.  However, we’re a specialist label, we specialise in limited edition releases.  

I will openly admit that most (not all) of your emails go straight into the trash, especially if they’re generic emails from promo companies.

If you want to get noticed, send me a cassette tape (or some other obscure format)!  I guarantee I will sit up and take notice, especially if it’s well made, the correct length and has a great inlay or cover with your info.  Even better if the inlay has a punk rock aesthetic.  

Show me what we could release.

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