The main area of focus is the integration of analogue outboard into the modern digital studio.  Carving out specific tonalities that may not be repeatable under different conditions (temperature, power conditions, etc.) brings a creative and, potentially non-fungible sonic to the production process.  For example, our Shure FP31 gives a similar result to the Sound Toys Devil Loc plugin, however the resultant characteristic of the sound is not identical, due to the different processing domains (analogue & digital).  It’s difficult for a rock singer to react to the dynamics and transient of Devil Loc, due to latency (however minimal) but monitoring the Shure, allows the vocalist to perform the level of distortion and tweak the dials in realtime creating a result that has its roots in the captured performance.

Field/Location Microphones

[2] Elecro-voice 635A
[1] Electro-voice RE50B
[1] Roland CS10EM (Binaural)
[1] Rode SmartLav+ (with TRS adaptor)
[1] Rode VXLR+ (XLR adaptor for Lav Mics)


[1] Audio Technica 4033A + Cradle
[1] Behringer B 906
[1] Sennheiser MD421 II
[1] Shure SM57
[3] Shure SM58
[1] Shure SM58A

Vintage Microphones

[1] Altec 633A “Salt-shaker”
[1] Beyerdynamic M260N (Ribbon)
[1] Sennheiser MD421 N
[1] STC 4105
[1] STC/Coles 4033 “Apple/Ball and Biscuit”

FX Microphones

[1] Carbon Telephone Mic
[1] Crystal Telephone Mic

Field Recorders

[1] Tascam DR40
[1] Zoom H4n
[1] Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (gen 2)

Production Software

Avid Pro Tools Ultimate + All Avid Plugins + other such as Superior Drummer, EZ Drummer, Kontakt, Nectar, Vocalsynth, Ozone, selection of Waves, Melodyne, etc.

iZotope RX7 Standard Edition

Production Hardware

Apple Macbook Pro (3.3Ghz,  i7, 16GB DDR3, etc.)

Antelope Audio Orion Studio Synergy Core
Synergy Core plugins

Arturia KeyLab Essential 88
M-Audio Oxygen 25


[2] Orchard Electronics DI (Active)
[1] Radial DI (Passive)
[1] Radio ReAmp (Passive)
[1] eBow
[40+] FX pedals (see below)

Analogue Outboard

[1] Boss CE-300 Super Chorus
[1] Eagle RA-856 Spring Reverb
[1] Fostex MN-15 Mixer with VCA Compressor
[1] FMR Audio RNC1773
[1] FMR Audio RNLA7239
[1] FMR Audio PBC-6A
[1] Golden Age Projects Comp54 (Diode Bridge)
[1] MXR M-136 Dual Limiter (PWM)
[1] Klark-Teknik 3RD Dimension (Chorus)
[1] Klark-Teknik 76-KT Comprerssor (FET)
[1] Pioneer SR-202W (Spring Reverb)
[1] Sony MX-7 6 Channel Mic Mixer (Passive)
[1] WEM IC400 Copicat (Tape Delay)
[1] Yamaha E1010 (Analog Delay)
[1] Yamaha MT120S 4 track cassette recorder


[1] Behringer Powerplay Pro
[3] Beyerdynamic DT-100
[1] Quad 303 Amplifier
[1] Quad 405 Amplifier (modified)
[1] Sennheiser HD380 Pro
[2] Tannoy Lancasters


Gibson SG-X
Fender Telecaster US Standard
Fender Jaguar American Professional
Fender Jazzmaster TVL

Acoustic Guitars

Yamaha APX700
Dean Performer
Martin 00-X2E

Bass Guitar

Classic Vibe ’70s Jazz Bass V

DIY Guitar Pedals

[1] DOD 280 Compressor
[1] ElectroSmash Time Manipulator
[1] Ge Harmonic Percolator (KS style)
[3] Fuzz Face
[1] Fuzz Factory style pedal
[1] Little Angel Chorus (PT2399)
[1] Modified EA Tremolo

[1] Orange Squeezer
[1] Phase 90 with Mods
[1] Ross Compressor
[1] SHO style pedal
[1] TS-9
[1] TS-808
[1] Way Huge Red Llama
[1] Karmic Perc (Harmonic Percolator)


Guitar Pedals

[1] Behringer Super Fuzz
[1] Behringer Tube Amp Modeller
[1] Boss DM-2
[1] Boss DM-3
[1] Boss CE-2
[1] Boss TR-2
[1] Buzztone Audio Effects Mind Flayer
[1] Buzztone Audio Effects Prototype Pedal
[1] Creber Instruments Slapback Echo
[1] Danelectro French Toast
[1] Danelectro PB & J
[1] Danelectro Pepperoni
[1] Digitech PDS 20/20
[1] Digitech PDS 1550
[1] Digitech Whammy V
[1] DOD FX69B Grunge
[1] DOD FX-90
[1] DOD DFX-94
[1] Earthquaker Devices Rainbow Machine
[1] EHX Electric Mistress (1980)
[1] EHX Small Stone (1979)
[1] EHX BMP (ver 5)
[1] Sovtek BMP (Green, Bubble)
[1] Ernie Ball Volume Jr.
[1] Fulltone Deja Vibe
[2] Ibanez FL9
[1] Ibanez Tube Screamer Mini
[1] Jim Dunlop CryBaby
[1] Line 6 Otto Filter
[1] Mosky Silver Horse
[1] Old Blood Noise Endeavors Procession
[1] Sonic Research Strobe Tuner
[1] Strymon Timeline
[1] TC Electronic Polytune 2 Mini
[1] TC Electronic 3rd Dimension
[1] TC Electronic Sky Surfer
[1] TC Electronic Vibra Clone
[1] Vice Versa AB/BA/Bypass
[1] Walrus Audio Julianna
[1] Walrus Audio SLO
[1] Way Huge Atreides


Marshall DSL 20CR (12″ Combo, 10/20 Watts)
Orange OR15 Head (7/15 Watts)
Washburn VGA15 (8″ Combo, 15 Watts)
DIY Noisy Cricket (pictured)


Orange PPC212OB 2 x 12″ cab
Blackstar 1 x 12″ cab (recycled HT-5R combo)


Tama Superstar Custom 18BD, 12T, 14FT
Tama Snare 14

Various Toys Drums and Djembe


Sabian AAX Fuzion Hi-Hats 13″
Sabian AAX Stage Crash 14″
Paiste 2002 Thin Crash 16″
Sabian HHX Ride 20″
Sabian HHX China 16″
Sabian B8 Pro China Splash 10″